Custom Surfboards

Welcome to our boards section. At Album, we’re focused purely on custom boards. We love to dial in specifically what you need to take your surfing where you want it to go. Refer to the models below as a starting point in your search for that magic board. The listed dimensions for each board are there only for reference, we’ll fine-tune your board specifically to your height, weight & ability. We make quite a few boards that don’t fall into the parameters of one of our models, so if you don’t see the shape you’re looking for, no problem – just contact us and we’ll make whatever it is you’re dreaming up.

To get your board started, go straight to the online order form link on the left or access it as you browse our different models.

We have new and used boards available for sale as well. Check the listing link on the bottom left to see if we have something there for you.


Context Surfboard Context

High performance magic for unlimited speed and precise lip cracking, pocket oriented destruction.

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Blend Surfboard blend

A small wave killer in a shortboard outline with the guts of a fishier hybrid.

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Amp Surfboard Amp

Lights out quick, this go-to, everyday performer is made to beat sections and put a smile on your face.

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Destroyer Surfboard Destroyer

The highest level of modern, performance surfing.

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Sub Surfboard Sub

Really versatile shape, a quiver must-have for weak, gutless surf.

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SubSK Surfboard SubSK

A very modern board. A TON of speed with skate style maneuverability.

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Disc Surfboard Disc

A wave catching machine, works in a variety of sizes from a short little stub, up to a fuller mid range egg.

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Riot Surfboard Riot

Simmons/skate inspired performer. A high performance Sub!

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Sabertooth Surfboard Sabertooth

Pure fun – skates all over the wave. A real quiver killer & true daily driver.

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Punk Surfboard Punk

This is THE board to get loose in small, mushy surf.

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Polyphonic Surfboard Polyphonic

This is the board you leave in your car and can surf no matter what the waves are doing.

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ModTwin Surfboard ModTwin

A mashup of a classic MR syle twin and a modern performance shortboard.

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Doom Surfboard Doom

Concave deck – feels like you’re riding & driving inside the board.

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ill Surfboard ill

Maximum planeability in a minimal platform.

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Coda Surfboard Coda

Classic log innovation

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Darkness Surfboard Darkness

A nimble, mini longboard style trim machine.

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Social Surfboard social

A great transitional board — a real “crowd pleaser”

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