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About Us

Album Surfboards was started in 2001 by Matt Parker and is based in San Clemente with our factory located in Oceanside, CA. We are innovative, functional, custom designed surfboards, handmade by surfers in the USA. We are focused completely on custom boards with you in mind.

Come see us at our office in San Clemente or at our factory in Oceanside. Or schedule an appointment to meet at our Showroom – Threads & Fins in Newport Beach. We pride ourselves on quickly returning emails, calls & texts so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

We also pride ourselves on delivering when we say we’ll deliver. We have incredibly short turnaround times and we keep you updated throughout the board making process.

Surfing is fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

What are the main influences in your designs today?
Fun, speed, magic. Finding the right combo of outline, rocker, rails and foam to get you the most out of your session.

How would you describe your shaping philosophy?
What board is going to let you have the most fun? We’re all about realistically assessing where you surf and specifically what YOU are trying to do on the wave. Then we make the right board with the right dimensions that will allow you to reach your potential and surf the way you want to surf.

What do you get out of shaping that you couldn’t get from any other kind of work?
Tangible stoke!

What do you enjoy most about surfboard shaping?
Taking something I dreamed up in my brain and seeing it translate into a functional form in the water. Helping surfers improve their skills through better equipment — seeing surfers actually get better over time because of better equipment. Getting to be a test pilot and experimenting with my own shapes out in the water.

What personal characteristics do you feel are necessary to be a successful shaper?
Design skill and a good eye to see what will work combined with the coordination to make it happen. I also feel really strongly about not being a flake. I started shaping ten years ago because I got sick of getting the run around and waiting for custom boards to get finished that would take months. I take pride in replying to emails, calls and texts right away. I send customers photos of their boards in production and I deliver when I say I’m going to, without making shortcuts. It also helps that I surf — a lot.

Tell us about the most rewarding surfboard design you have been involved with in your career. My goal has always been to make boards that don’t sacrifice speed while being able to go wherever on the wave that you want to go. I feel that I really nailed this goal on a few models — The Polyphonic, Context, Ill, Sabertooth and Destroyer, amongst others. Besides making magic boards for customers, being able to make little grom boards for my own kids is probably the most rewarding.

Where do you see the future of surfboard design headed?
Anything goes — which is the best thing, I think. Surfers are free, nowadays, to surf all types of boards. When I was a kid in the 80′s and 90′s, everybody surfed really similar equipment. Now when you paddle out, that is definitely not the case. People have really diverse quivers now. I love it. I think this is the future.

What makes your boards different from others on the market?
While we have 18 to 20 different models, all the boards we make really are custom. A lot of our focus is on making boards for everyday surfers in everyday waves, so in turn, we offer a lot of models that really go off in small- to medium-sized surf. We also like to experiment with art, paint and color and try to not take ourselves too seriously. We’re forward thinking in terms of materials too – we’re up for anything!

Of the current models you offer, which are your favorites and why?
- Context: My personal favorite shortboard of all time. Just does exactly what I want, carries a ton of speed, always surprises me with its performance level.
- Sabertooth: New model that I’ve had a ton of good feedback on. Catches waves and flies like a fish but turns like your favorite shortboard. A lot of versatility, nice little quiver killer.
- Polyphonic: Can’t miss with this one. A true daily driver, leave in your car every day, works no matter what the waves are doing, ripper!

Any words of advice for surfers looking to find a great board?
Be totally honest with yourself and with your shaper about your abilities and what specifically you’re trying to do on the wave. Have fun…it’s only surfing!